Name Board- Create Your Own Colors!

Create your own colors with your name board can be exciting and fun! Here are suggestions to make your project fun and memorial, especially when doing an activity with loved ones.


Name Sign showing ASL at top and English at bottom

Please consider putting handshapes or ASL at top to show language importance, especially when ASL is still not widely accepted in many schools or programs that house deaf students.

 Importance of spraying paint over parts EXCEPT handshapes or they will not appear to be "readable"

Color everything except handshapes. Otherwise, these handshapes will not be "readable"

Do not spray paint the parts too close or you will create unwanted paint bubbles on your parts. Keep an arm length when spray-painting something

Be sure to keep an arm length when spraying paint over parts.

Prepare- use ruler to even the parts before you glue parts to the base

Keep a ruler handy to help even the parts on the base before you glue the parts to the base.

Glue away! It is better to use elmer's glue or school glue, not gorilla glue or wood glue
I use Elmer's glue to stick parts to the base. Gorilla glue slides while drying and it takes 72 hours to cure. Wood glue works great, but it's too thick. If you use wood glue, it is helpful rub to make glue even before sticking the parts.

After drying time, grab a sanding paper (320 fine works great) to lightly sand the parts to remove "burn marks"

After the glue is dry (allow an hour) and the parts feel secured, grab a sanding paper (320 fine sanding paper is great) and lightly sand the letters and handshapes to remove the burn marks. DO NOT sand the painted letters.

Hammer the hangers to the back of the base

Or you can do it on a cardboard or padded paper. You risk hurting the parts if you choose to hammer the sawtooth hangers unto the base on a hard surface.

Add protective finish using polyurethane or lacquer spray can as a final step

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