Personal Woodcut Picture

Get a discount by purchasing multiple features as a package. You will be asked to upload 2 or 3 pictures. These pictures need to be clear and close-up of a person you want to have personal woodcut to be done.  We will choose the one that is most wood friendly and we will email you the "proof" for you to approve before we process your order. 

Depending on your package, you will be asked to upload a picture of your signature. Please take a clear close up picture of your signature, preferably black pen against white paper.

Please leave your number, email and text number so we know how to reach you to approve the proof. Please tell us if you want more time and when to reach out to you again.

For all orders, you are allowed to make up to 2 edits based on your unlimited suggestions and your suggestions need to be clear. Additional edit will charge $25 each.

If you are not happy with your proof and you decide to withdraw your order, we will refund you minus $75 design fee.

To avoid copyright infringement, the pictures you upload must be originally yours or have expressed permissions from individual in question unless the pictures are more than 70 years old.

All custom orders are final.