Woodcut Picture Process

How does it work? Explaining the processing steps in making personalized woodcut picture

Step 1

We review your pictures and choose the one that is most wood-friendly.

Step 2

After we make it wood-friendly by reducing the level of details, cleaning the lines, fixing the pictures to preserve realistic look, so on.

We then email the customer the proof and await approval before processing order.

Step 3

After cutting the wood, we put together pieces.

Step 4

We paint and glue the background.

Step 5

Then we paint and glue profiles pictures

Step 6

 We screw in the frame and add protective wood finish.

We finalize by adding on a wooden piece of artist's signature to artwork. Sometimes, we engrave artist's signature on the frame instead and add hangers on the back. We wrap and ship the order and email customer the tracking number.

Depending on volume of orders, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for us to process. We try to email you the proof within a week after receiving your order.