Special Orders Gallery

Examples of previous orders

Picture of wood shape of Alabama with "I heart handshape "ALA" Picture of South Caroline shape wood with handshapes "H (heart) M E"

Picture of Kectucky shape wood with heart and handshapes "K Y" on top

Imagine of USA shaped wood with stripes and US Navy logo and wording Close up picture of US Navy Logo and wording 

White framed along with cherry colored wood layer of Tower Clock Close up picture of framed Tower Clock  Picture of wooden Tower Clock with cherry brown handshapes at the bottom, "RETIRED" and engraved wording of "A great leader is difficult to find and impossible to forget""

Wooden sign with engraved conversations putting down ASL or Deaf culture with quote, "Success is the Best Revenge"

Decorative wooden frame with printed "BE" and handshapes "YOU"

Wooden sign of MD flag

Wooden sign of California Driver Plate with woodcut "MYRICKS" with "Jun" on top left and engraved "2019" top right

Language Resources

Wooden puzzle of Arabic fingerspellings

ABC Wooden sign with a new wood layer of Arabic alphabet fingerspellings on it Wooden sign with a new wood layer of printed ABC along with handshape ABC

Special Orders- Not for Resale

Image of Circular Wooden Sign with Eagle and Bee Hive Logo from Utah with "Thank You" Wooden Sign of Saudi Students Organization at Gallaudet University and SSO Logo

Image of Wooden sign of Streeetcar 82 Logo
Image of Cardboard Colorful sign with "I (heart) Kendall" Wooden Sign of Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute Sandbox

Image of "The Mosholders" Established in 2013  Image of wooden framed sign with Melmira and Melmira logo
Wooden sign of "ASL Request Est 2013" on brown handshapes pieces
Wooden sign of ASL rose and logo
Wooden sign of Lost River Vacations and logo

Custom Party Favors
(Magnets, Key Chains, Coasters, Stands)

Wooden magnet with "I (ILY) handshapes "NBDA" Wooden Magnet of STOP sign with "Stop the Stigma" and Mental Health at the bottom Yellow and royal wooden magnets with laser cut of Gallaudet Tower Clock and 1969 with Engraved "Golden Anniversary" at bottom
Wooden image of Gallaudet Lantio Deaf and HOH Association of Metro DC Area logo and dark wood layer with handshapes "LDHH" on top Small wooden sample of MAIG logo sign
Wooden magnet of ASD Tiger with hand "tiger" and engraved "55th Anniversary" at the bottom Wooden Magnet with dark wood layer of handshape "ASLTA" along with Engraved "Thank You!" at bottom
Image of Kendall Logo Earrings  Wooden iPhone Holder with National Black Deaf Advoate wording and NBDA logo
Wooden key chains with "United Deaf Ministries" engraved and logo Wooden stand with cross and ILY on cross

Wooden stand of "LOVE" on base with engraved "CEASED 2020" Wooden magnet of "Grophers"
Wooden key chain with PSAD logo and engraved info on back Wooden magnet of DE and PKZ Woman Scholarship Fund with hands/housing logo Wooden magnets of Melissa Malzkuhn's HU "to sign is human"
Wooden key chains with engraved "Deaf Spiritual Unity" with logo and words, "Love Light Peace" at the bottom  Wooden key chains with engraved "DC/MD/VA Kids of Deaf Adults" and logo Wooden magnet of "Phi Kappa Gamma Graduating Sister 2018" with an owl
Wooden coasters with engraved Gallaudet logo and engraved Abraham Lincoln's signature on the back

Additions to Name Signs

Wooden sign with handshapes "Maria Victor" with hearts on side and engraved wording "60th Anniversary"  Walnut colored wooden sign- Handshapes "Ivy" at top and printed "Ivy" at bottom with ILY on top of pink flower on right
A picture of my son holding up a personalized sign for his teacher with engraved
personal messages from all of students in class for Teacher Appreciation Week