Woodcut Picture Gallery

A gallery of personal woodcut works-
not all work are pictured as artist often forgets to take pictures of her work!
Wooden layered/lines picture of one year old Latinx girl with handshapes "ABRIL" at the bottom Woodcut pictur e of mother holding little girl and flowers

A woodcut picture of black man getting ready to race Woodcut picture of Ben Bahan holding up a finger with his personal signature

Salman of Saudi Arabia
Woodcut picture of Crown Prince bin Salman Woodcut picture of Reema bint Bandar Al Saud
Woodcut picture of Thomas Williamson and his personal signature before framing
Woodcut picture of a couple with handshapes of their names and wedding date
Woodcut picture of deaf fireman Woodcut picture of a couple
4 x 2 feet wooden sign of 20 different deaf leaders, either Gallaudet faculty or alumni with woodcut Tower Clock with wood cut wording, "Legends Begin Here"
Woodcut picture of George Veditz with his quote, "Sign language is 'the noblest gift God has given to Deaf people," wood cut Veditz's personal signature and woodcut of Veditz's name sign Woodcut of Agatha Tiegel Hanson with her quote, "The intellectual of women is... to rise with determination and might and move on till all barriers crumble and fall." with woodcut of her personal signature and handshapes "Agatha"