Agatha Tiegel Hanson

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Agatha Tiegel Hanson was first woman to graduate from Gallaudet in 1893 shortly after Gallaudet admits female students for the first time in 1887 and she graduated as top in her class. She spoke of "The Intelligent of Women" during her valedictorian speech at her graduation. She was also half blind.

She taught Minnesota School for the Deaf for several years and married Olof Hanson, renowned deaf architect and they moved to Seattle where she remained activist in local and national organizations within Deaf Community. They had 3 daughters.

According to several sources, Agatha did not have a sign name. Fingerspelled "Aggie" is also included. Her quote and her actual signature are included.

Details: 12" tall, 30" wide
Weight: 5 lbs

Medium: Wood

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