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Signboard Thin Wood

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Personalize the signboards to say exactly what you want. Use our freeform templates and professional layout design on a multicolored two-layer signboard.

Perfect for gifts, wall art, offices or bedrooms.

All artwork is created with TruASL handshape font cutouts. Each handshape is clear to the eye and touch.

Personalize the signboards with up to 10 characters. Spaces and the I-Love-You handshape count as one character. Type % if you want to insert "I-love-you" sign when personalizing your order.

Made to order. These signboards are predrilled for easy hanging.

Materials: birch, stain, glue
   3.2" height (letters are approximately 2.8" tall)
   10-17" width depending on length of name
   1/8 thick (1/4 thick altogether with 2 layers of wood; letters and base)
Laser precise
Made in the U.S.A.